Indian man wins Rs 33 crore jackpot lottery: Children’s date of birth turns Indian man into crorepati

Rs 33 crore jackpot lottery: Indian expat Rajeev Arikkatt, who works for an architecture business in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, struck it lucky and won 15 million dirhams, or around Rs 33 crore jackpot lottery. The winning ticket, 037130, had sentimental significance because it included the dates of the birth of his two small children, who are now eight and five years old.

Indian Father wins Rs 33 crore jackpot lottery

Rajeev has won this windfall from the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi weekly draw. He has been a regular lottery player for the past three years. According to Khaleej Times, the winning ticket, number 037130, had sentimental significance because it had the birth dates of his two small children, who are now five and eight years old.

When Rajeev won with a free ticket that was a part of a special offer—four free tickets with the purchase of two—it was evident that his dedication to the Big Ticket draws had finally paid off. The choice he made to utilize the birthdays of his children, 7, and 13, turned out to be auspicious. With the identical numbers, he had come dangerously close to winning Dh1 million just two months before, but luck was on his side this time.

“I’ve lived in Al Ain for more than a decade. I have spent the last three years buying tickets. I have never before won the lottery. This time, my spouse and I chose tickets bearing our children’s birth dates, 7, and 13. I almost missed Dh1 million with the identical combination two months ago, but I was lucky this time,” Rajeev told Khaleej Times.

The Life-Changing Moment For Him

Rajeev was stunned and unable to speak when the hosts Richard and Bouchra called. He had been listening to the draw announcements for years and had recognized Richard’s voice. This event changed not only his life but also the lives of nineteen other people, with whom he intends to split the prize money equally and turn his individual triumph into a social celebration.

Remarkably, the winning ticket was the free one, even though the forty-year-old Keralan had a good chance of winning as he had six tickets for the draw.

“I ordered two tickets and received four tickets for free thanks to a special offer I received from Big Ticket. Even though I’ve always wanted to win, there were high expectations because there were six tickets available this time.”

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