Hindu Temple in UAE: After Ram Mandir, PM Modi to inaugurate first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi on February 14

Hindu Temple in UAE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going on a two-day visit to UAE on 13 February. Where he will inaugurate the BAPS temple, apart from this, during his visit the PM will also meet UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Inaugration of Hindu temple in UAE

Not only in India, the Government of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are taking many big steps to propagate Sanatan Dharma all over the world. On January 22, the PM inaugurated India’s largest temple by consecrating the life of Ram Lalla. Now he will inaugurate the largest Hindu temple in the Muslim country UAE.

The Ministry of External Affairs told on 10 February that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit UAE on 13-14 February. During this two-day visit, the PM will inaugurate a major Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi. Apart from this, during his visit, PM will also meet UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

This will be PM Modi’s seventh visit to UAE since 2015 and third in the last eight months. The third visit in such a short time shows the closeness of the two countries. Agreements are expected to be signed in many areas between India and UAE during this tour.

About the Temple:

Hindus in the United Arab Emirates have been fostering their faith for many years through weekly satsang assemblies, which are prayer meetings, spiritual talks, and social events. These gatherings fostered a sense of community and purpose, which was bolstered by the frequent visits of Indian spiritual leaders. The dream of a mandir genuinely grew inside this rich soil of dedication and communal spirit, the announcement stated.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, kindly donated a piece of land in February 2018, marking a turning point in the history of the UAE’s unflinching support for interfaith understanding, according to the announcement.

It further stated that this gesture, which was bolstered by Modi’s project launch at the Dubai Opera that same month, represented a historic turning point in interfaith ties.

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